Beautiful music video by Carine Khalife for Blown Minded by Young Galaxy. Carine on her process:

Basically, my technique was to paint on a piece of glass fixed to a light box. I would paint on the glass with oil so that it wouldn’t dry, and I could play with it for hours. […] The single light source came from beneath the glass, revealing the textures and details of brushes movements. I worked a lot with transparency. The more paint, the darker the image, and therefore the animation becomes about gesture, and the texture of brushstrokes; it’s a very physical, organic process.

Dan Brown.

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The latest hundreds-of-buckets-of-paint-taking multimedia stop-motion wonder from Blu.


Christina Hendricks. Broken Bells, The Ghost Inside.

Efterklang, Modern Drift.

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Céleste Boursier-Mougenot's new commission for the Curve.

I have to wonder what Darwin might say.

Animal Collective, What would I want? Sky.

This is a reblog via subterraneans but only after I saw this (strange but kind of hypnotic) video on yay!everyday.

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Pomplamoose is Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn collaborating on music. This is what it sounds like.

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This music video for Little Criminals is incredible!

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Israeli artist Kutiman is pretty much awesome. Visit ThruYOU to watch/listen to his other spliced youtube videos.

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An experimental video by mad scientist Memo Atkin. He is testing the interaction and motion control of gold dust particles, which are regulated via the movement on camera.

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